Thursday, February 26, 2009


Ok, I have to say, I am ready for spring. I am tired of the cold days, the cold wind, and the muck we have to step in to go out and do the chores. I am ready for spring flowers, green grass, and to plant my garden. I want to be outside and play with the puppy, and let Joseph play, and ride his bike. Today is close, we have 54 degrees. It's just teasing me i think.
We did get a new puppy. So cute. He is half beagle, and half australian shepherd, so he wont be a big dog. Maybe now the kids will play with him. He got so fat in just 1 week, that the harness I got for him will only fit around his shoulders now. So funny. I rolled him on his back to scratch his tummy, and he couldn't roll back over for a few minutes. His name is Dopey!! What a luv.

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